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EcoGal ©

About product

Who will refuse a good steak or a good piece of cake?! Your plants are also alive, you cannot hear them, but you can see how they blossom or wither.


We have learned to "speak" to plants using modern technology. We have created a unique product EcoGal ©-DELICACY for your indoor plants. Merging natural resources (cow manure) and modern science (Microbiology, botany and bionanotechnology) created an amazing new product for feeding indoor plants. Currently the product has already been tested on Ficus, Violets, China Roses (Hibiscus) and Jade plant (Crassula portulacea), the rest are waiting in line.


The unique contents of EcoGal © are being patenting as a pioneering application (analogues not found). The uniqueness of it is from simple cow manure (organic cows) using exclusive technology of cryogenic milling company Vision and bionanotehnology we received active form of fertilizers for indoor plants.


Of course, product is suitable for gardens and any other plants, but the complexity of the technological process does not allow us to reduce the price.

EcoGal © is currently available only through the Internet-shop and dealers network.


Your  plants will thank you for this delicious produc!

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