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EcoGal ©

Patent for invention

The invention relates to agriculture, in particular to bioorganic  fertilizers, made by using bionanotehnology methods and can be used for indoor and garden plants. The purpose of the invention is to create an integrated biologically active composition of fertilizers for houseplants using  microbiology and bionanotechnology approach , from a raw material: cow manure. To reach this goal we need several steps: to evaporate water from raw material to  the residual weight of 20-25% from the original, then do the  cryogenic disintegration in liquid nitrogen to powdered condition with the size of the particles around 102-103 nm what  is comparable to the size of the microorganisms.


During disintegration we added the eggshell powder with ratio of 1: 5. Egg shell consists of 92 to 95% of calcium carbonate, 1-3% of magnesium carbonates, 1 ÷ 2% phosphates and 3-4% of organic substances.

The resulting dispersive powder is biologically active fertilizer for plants EcoGal©.



The application is registered in Latvian Republic Patent Agency.

The Patent registered on 03/01/2010.

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